Q. I deleted the app and lose my progress when I reinstall.

A. Unfortunately the game doesn't support cloud save. We will be adding this in a future update.

Q. What languages are available?

A. English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Russian. More coming soon! Please email us if you want to help with localization!

Q. What are the device requirements?

A. It is available for Android (version 4.0.3+) and iOS (version 6.0+).

Q. How much does the game cost?

A. It's 10,000% free. You can however spend money if you like on bonuses to make more profit and to speed up your progress in the game. Your purchases will help us on our down payment for our Mar-A-Lago membership.

Q. I need to refund a purchase I made.

If you encounter a problem with your purchased product just send us a support note. We'll help you get sorted out.